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“您的幸孕天使” 专为待孕者带来好孕的一个网站!
欢迎来到这里遇见 “您的幸孕天使”,生男生女?想怀孕吗?想避孕吗? “您的幸孕天使” 都可以帮助到您!
“您的幸孕天使” 可以告诉你这一切~

2007年,LuckyAngel2U 创办人天使琳计划要怀第二胎时,却在备孕过程中发现患上 “多囊性卵巢綜合症” (Polycystic ovary syndrome,簡稱PCOS),造成她荷尔蒙严重失调,也使她无法如愿怀孕。这事并没击退她想要怀孕的决心,她自行上网了解PCOS情况,并寻求医生的治疗。在这过程中,透过网络及咨询医生下,她逐渐掌握备孕相关药物和知识,并在无意间使用大卫排卵试纸后,始知道该试纸在中国甚至亚洲同业者中属最具口碑的品牌。2009年她终于怀孕,并于同一年创办此公司以帮助面对种种备孕问题的姐妹。

这九年来本公司产品逐渐多元化,从专卖排卵试纸开始,目前所售卖产品尚有卵巢功能测试纸、精子浓度检测试盒、催孕润滑剂 (CONCEIVE PLUS) 以及红糖姜茶。值得一提的是,本公司是全马唯一拥有大卫试纸和 CONCEIVE PLUS 这两个品牌医疗备器 (Medical Device Authority) 合法销售准证的公司。


Origin of LuckyAngel2U:
LuckyAngel2U was founded in the year 2009. Back in 2007, the founder of LuckyAngel2U Angel was planning for her second pregnancy, but unfortunately, she was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). She had become infertility due to hormonal imbalance caused by PCOS. However, she was very determined to find a solution to cope with her infertility, she started to surf online to learn more about PCOS, besides seeking treatment from obstetricians. Throughout the years, she started to acquire knowledge about preconception care through online and consultation from specialists. At the same time, she tried to use David Ovulation Test Strips which had been recognised as the top brand in China and other countries in Asia. Finally, in 2009, she got her second expected pregnancy. In the same year, she began this company LuckyAngel2U to help those women who had facing the problem of infertility.

Concept of LuckyAngel2U:
Angel the Founder of LuckyAngel2U had gone through two years of suffering in preparation for her second pregnancy. Hence, she had decided to share her own experience on infertility and the journey of her pregnancy with those people who are facing a similar situation. Based on the concept of “rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn”, she was able to feel empathy and share the pain of infertility with those who had failed to conceive after many years of trials, at the same time she was also able to rejoice with those who successfully conceived by providing them professional guidance.

Throughout these 12 years, LuckyAngel2U diverse in their production. By now, the company is selling Ovulation Test Strips, Sperm Quality Concentration Test Strip, Fertility Lubricant (CONCEIVE PLUS), and also Brown Sugar Ginger Tea. They are very proud to announce that they are the only one company that acquired the Medical Device Authority to sell David Ovulation Test Strips and Fertility Lubricant (CONCEIVE PLUS) in Malaysia.

In conjunction with LuckyAngel2U’s 12 years anniversary, the company had decided to release a new product in September 2018. The founder Angel had invented an exclusive remedy for preconception women to succeed in their pregnancy based on her past 9 years of experience in this field. This product is able to increase the rate of fertility to a very high extend. Angel was able to fight her infertility and now she has 3 adorable children. Hence, she strongly believed that those preconception women who comply with the products and advice together with their determination and faith, they will be eventually success in their pregnancy.

No matter how difficult is the journey of pregnancy, LuckyAngel2U will always be there for you, and together we witness the path of miracles.